Mike Conley

Below is the obituary for Mike Conley, Lester Marcum’s step brother. The church will be providing lunch for the family following the funeral on Friday morning. Please contact Frances Etterling concerning the preparation and delivery of the food.

Worship @ Westerville


Worship is a response to the word and work of God in our lives. Worship is a lifestyle not just an event that occurs on Sunday morning at 10:30 AM. Worship is not for the non-Christian. Worship is for the Christian. While the heart of the misison of the church is to reach people with the Gospel of Jesus, The Worship Celebration is primarily targeted to the Christian. However, non-Christians are welcome in our times of corporate worship.  We believe that our worship can be an effective witness to the non-Christian.

The Bible

the Bible is at the center of our worship times because worship is a response to God’s word and His work in our lives.


How many times have you given instructions to your children and then asked, “What did I just say to you?” The point of the question is to help get the message across to them. We believe the same holds true in the Christian life. The truth of the Bible is the fuel for our prayers because prayer is not just some words that are muttered. Prayer is communcation wtih God Almighty!


When one begins a relationship with Jesus Christ, a new song is put in their heart. We believe that singing is an expression of praise to God for His work in our lives. The Worship Celebration is a mixture of hymns, praise & worship and contemporary music. No matter the style of the song, we strive to sing songs that are true to the Scriptures.


During The Worship Celebration, the church family is given the opportunity to give financial offerings to the Lord. We believe this is an act of worship and is the means that God has established to support His work in our community.


God has ordained in the Scriptures, preaching to be the way in which the message of truth is propogated. Preaching is the centerpiece of The Worship Celebration. Pastor Paul engages in expository preaching. This means that he makes the main point of the passage the main point of the message.


God’s Word always demands a response. At the end of each message, there is a brief period of time in which a call to action is issued by Pastor Paul and the congregation engages in a silence as each person personally responds to God’s Word in their own life.

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Connecting @ Westerville


Pastor Paul uses the month of January each year to focus on the church family. Each Sunday a different aspect of the life of the church is the focus.

The focus today is “Connecting @ Westerville”. The following is a brief summary of Pastor Paul’s comments:

There are two primary realtionship involved in the church. The first is a relationsihp with God in Jesus Christ. The second is a relationship with God’s people. The latter means nothing if there is not first a relationship with the Lord.

Connecting with God in Jesus Christ

One’s faith in the Lord is a personal decision and commitment. However, we believe that it is important to publicly express that faith through a public baptism. We also believe that it is important to take time to learn some basics concerning a relationship with the Lord. This is why we offer a class on Christian basics. The class uses the book and workbook Simple: The Christian Life Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated. This 8 week class will begin Sunday, February 3 at 9:30 AM.

Connecting to God’s People

An individual may attend a local church and never become an official member of the church. However, we believe that becoming an official member is also a public testimony of one’s faith in the Lord. This is a definite step of commitment to give one’s self to the care and to become accountable to other believers. All individuals who take membership in the Westerville Church are required to attend a membership class. The next session of The Westerville Connection will begin on Sunday, April 7 at 9:30 AM.

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Rodney Young

[meteor_slideshow slideshow=”rod-young”]Download or listen to the full audio recording of the Celebration of Life. Rodney Young, age 57 of Marengo passed away, Monday, June 13, 2011 at the Cleveland Clinic. Rod was born on December 15, 1953 in Columbus to the late Henry Young and Gladys (McDowell) Young of Columbus. …